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              Absolutely wonderful, Pat! - Kathy

Itís looking fine to me. You are all brilliant at the problem-solving.  Pat, thank you for being tenacious in
         getting this solved...
         Both of you , Kathy and Pat, have done an unbelievable job at getting our website revamped and looking
         excellent and professional. - Carol

Looks just fabulous this morning!  Thanks Pat and Kathy for the trouble shooting and problem solving. 
         Truly an excellent product due to your hard work! - Terry    


From Selma's Spirit ...


I just wanted to thank you for the incredible job you did on the website! It is so amazing to see it all put together. I so appreciated your care and concern to help me achieve what I wanted to portray. 

                                    Thanks so much,


That is awesome...that is exactly what I wanted.  It looks so good. It is so great working with you even by email and I love all the

                 Thank you so very much!  


       You do an awsome job ... Thank you! - Sandy



For the hundreds of hours of creative effort that you have put into web design, amongst other things on behalf of the unifon project, thanks.

                 Best Wishes.


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